Real – time

Real – time


Q‑TC’s BOP is a real‑time total solution providing a true business perspective.
Our BOP visualizes all your organization’s business processes. It processes the entire, end‑to‑end chain of information
and generates a faithful, clear, real‑time overview.

Because it’s real‑time, it enables your organization to respond proactively. First and foremost, we determine the business processes into which you need a better insight and then the corresponding objectives that are important to your organization.

Cornerstones of our real‑time BOP include:

  • Business rules
  • Events
  • Data

Correlating and aggregating these important elements allow us to create overviews at any level – from senior management level right down to an individual employee level. The BOP enables everyone in your organization to monitor their most critical business processes in their entirety, pro‑actively and in real‑time. We build a ‘shell’ around your operations and other relevant components. This generates a faithful, clear, real‑time picture of your organization.

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